January 18, 2020

Read THREE things that can help you make an educated decision when making changes to the title of your property.

What are the fees/price to change title versus the cost?

Let’s start with a life experience you may be familiar with. Do you own a car? Have you ever struggled with bringing your car back to the dealer for maintenance vs bringing it to the local mechanic that someone recommended to you? What did you do?

Answer A – you took your car back to the dealer because you are still under warranty and/or you wanted the manufacturers original equipment (OEM). You are well aware that the price will likely be higher, however you appreciate knowing that the parts are designed for your car and are warrantied.

Answer B – you took your car to the local mechanic who was recommended to you. They may use after market parts and the manufacturer will likely not warranty them. That being said, you may have saved a considerable amount on the price.

So, what’s the cost versus the price? Remember the old adage, “Beware the cost of the lowest price.” Now, you may be willing to take that risk with your car. I recently did that to replace the battery in my car. The price was 50% less and I was willing to take the risk that it would not end up costing me a lot more. I would not do that if I needed a brake job. The risk/cost of an error there could be disastrous.

This is a similar situation we see with clients and their real estate. Title and Escrow companies in the State of Nevada are not supposed to make these title changes outside of an escrow transaction (purchase or refinance). There are companies out there that are advertising that they can make title changes at significant price reductions from what we charge at Quick Claim USA. I want to point out three things so that you can make an educated decision when you need to make title changes to your real estate.

  1. Make sure that the company you are using is fully knowledgeable, experienced and reputable. Make sure they are aware of Nevada guidelines.
  2. The price they are promoting may not be the total price for the service that you are requesting. We have clients that have shopped around for “price” and they found out that there were several additional charges. Ask!
  3. Remember what I said about my brakes. Having title changes done incorrectly could have a considerable negative impact down the road. Simply put, we have clients who have had errors made by doing it themselves or by someone who was inexperienced in title. One negative impact could be probate. That has the potential to add a huge cost to what could have been a simple title transfer. We see this all too often.

We are always happy to answer your questions. Our fees are fully explained upfront so that you know exactly what you are paying for. Give us a call to discuss your particular scenario. We take a concierge approach to listen and provide a simple and effective solution. It’s the reason our motto is, “We Do Good Deeds.” 702.233.4014

Quick Claim USA and their employees are not attorneys in the State of Nevada or in any other State or Jurisdiction. Quick Claim USA is not licensed to give legal advice and may not accept fees for giving legal advice. Should you have questions regarding any of the above items, you must seek the advice of independent legal/tax counsel of your choosing.

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