February 28, 2022

Understanding Marketable Title.

The Devil is in the Details

What is Marketable Title? The ability, to list, sell and transfer real property from the current owner(s) to the new owner(s) without any claims of ownership by another party. This is fundamental to the buying and selling of real property specific to its ownership. Read more about the life cycle of a home title.

We see this all the time, that when a couple purchases a home the closing/transfer of ownership is handled through escrow by a title insurance company. With that, the title insurance company issues a title insurance or owner’s policy to provide “quiet title” to the new owner so that no prior claim(s) of ownership can be brought to the new owner(s). The next step is that this couple wants to transfer the ownership of their new home to their living trust or they may want to add a family member to the title. This will generally occur at some point after the initial purchase. 3 Ways to Avoid Probate of Real Estate in Nevada

Where do we come in? Our area of expertise is that interesting and often complex space between a title and escrow company and your attorney. In other words, where the devil is in the details. Both the attorney and the title company are essential and have their specific areas of expertise.

areas of expertise.

Our Areas of Expertise – We Help With:

  • Transfer the ownership of real property to or from a living trust
  • Transfer to a business entity or between business entities
  • Adding family members, partners, or any non-related person(s)
  • Removing one of the owners due to death, divorce, separation, or mutual agreement
  • Transfer On/Upon Death (TOD), Deed Upon Death, Beneficiary Deed

People call us frequently asking if we can do a “quit claim” for them. We want to clarify that in the State of Nevada the transfer of ownership is completed by a Grant Bargain and Sale Deed. Some States’ standard deed may be a Grant Deed or Warranty Deed. Understanding the difference between “title” and “deed” is important. The title refers to who the owners of the property are. The deed is the document that is used to transfer the ownership. (details…) Quit Claim Deed vs Other Deeds

In summary, when you purchase and or refinance real property, the specialist is the Title and Escrow company. When you are doing your estate planning (and you should), the specialist is the Estate Planning attorney. We are in the middle ensuring the marketability of your real property when changes to ownership need to occur after purchase or refinance.

Our phone number is 702.233.4014 or email us at GoodDeed@Quickclaimusa.com

None of the above is a substitute for consulting with an Estate Planning Attorney and Certified Public Accountant.

Quick Claim USA, a Service Provider, and is not an attorney in the State of Nevada nor in any other state or jurisdiction. Service Provider is not licensed to give legal advice and may not accept fees for giving legal advice.

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