December 2, 2021

Where We Shine – URGENT Do It Now.

When Time is of the Essence

I have written for the past few years about the importance of planning when it comes to your real property. The need for estate planning, proper titling (vesting) of real property, and the significance of making changes when needed. Let’s assume you read all my suggestions and did nothing with them to protect real property from probate. Now, suddenly you have an urgent and immediate need to get sh*t done before a loved one passes away. You were just asked, “does your family member have their affairs in order, and do they have a health care directive?” If the answer is yes, you can stop reading and go about your day. If the answer is No or I don’t know, PLEASE keep reading.

Whom do you call? You suddenly have to make changes in a hurry to protect what is often your family members’ (and beneficiaries) biggest asset(s) – their home(s). The State you live in, Family dynamics, the size of the Estate and the Person who is now going to have to take all of this on (sometimes by default) ALL factor into a difficult to nightmarish challenge.

Here’s Where We Shine

We have been contacted on several occasions by a family member who went to visit a relative in the hospital and was asked the dreaded “does your family member have their affairs in order and do they have a health care directive?” Even throughout the pandemic and continuing now, we have systems in place to get this done in a matter of hours to protect real property from potential probate issues. Within hours we have had documents drafted updating the ownership of the property and either a mobile notary or an electronic video notary (e-notary) available to have the documents signed and notarized. This electronic process has been utilized even when it has to be carried out by a nurse because no one is permitted to visit the patient, for whatever reason. Not all States* allow an e-notary so please check with your State. Nevada allows this for real property documents such as deeds and affidavits. As of this writing, California and many states do not.

Bottom Line – if you or someone you know finds yourself in this situation, please give us a call. We are happy to answer questions and we understand how difficult and confusing a time this can be especially around the holidays. Technology and cooperation from State statutes have allowed us to help people in times of crisis, sometimes within a matter of hours. We are here to help. 702.233.4014

*We were able to do this internationally on one occasion so please contact us to see if we can help. 702.233.4014

Quick Claim USA and its employees are not attorneys in the State of Nevada or in any other State or Jurisdiction. Quick Claim USA is not licensed to give legal advice and may not accept fees for giving legal advice. Should you have questions regarding any of the above items, you must seek the advice of independent legal/tax counsel of your choosing.

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